About the Author...

ZipkinNaomi Zipkin has devoted more than thirty years as a preschool director and Child Development instructor at Los Medanos College in California. In addition to preparing future teachers and health professionals, she worked with young parents, helping them understand their common issues. The concept of “Look At Me! Birth to Three!” and “Watch Me Thrive! Birth to Five!” as a guide to developmental milestones arose from many of the questions raised by parents and students in her groups who could not find the desired information in a single concise format. She views parenthood as a difficult and rewarding task with high societal value, despite the few social supports which exist for parents today.

Nancy Zipkin-Dunn, F.N.P. has spent much of her nursing career working with children and growing families. As she carries on the work that Naomi began, the joy that she found in raising her own children and helping support others in their parenting experience continues to inspire her.

For both Naomi and Nancy, a healthy childhood has a high value and deserves respect, in order to promote healthy growth and development both for the child and for our society as a whole.